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Pt Ravi Shankar Centenary, N Rajam & R.A. Ramamani

  • Issue 427-428
  • Published By Sruti
  • ₹110.00

We present a centenary tribute by Shailaja Khanna to one of the most popular musicians of our time—Pandit Ravi Shankar, a rare artist who won fans worldwide with his music and charisma. Though he has been featured in our magazine, we felt that an article about the maestro would be a fitting tribute to a good friend of Sruti on his 100th birthday. We have a special feature on veteran Hindustani violinist N. Rajam who, although she hails from the south, has mastered the Hindustani medium and blazed a trail. She turned 81 this March. Another versatile musician from the south who has made a mark in world music and collaborated with jazz musicians too, is vidushi Ramamani from Bengaluru.