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The Art Of Kuchipudi Dance

  • Issue 54
  • Published By Sruti
  • ₹100.00

Special Feature
Special Feature

Violinist L. Subramaniam is the musician featured in this issue. The package on him contains the articles Ambitions and Achievements in which he speaks about his work ; Composer-At-Large which is an assessment of Subramaniam the music maker ; and A Madras Manifestation containing comments on his bowmanship from two listeners who heard him perform recently in Madras (41-44). In a brief return to the festival1 — Madras Season Revisited— Sruti takes a look at some of the young and promising performers who were featured in the festival programmes. There is an article too on some of the dance-dramas presented during the season (35-40).

Also bring you in this issue photographs of the winners of SNA awards for 1988, with brief pen sketches on each
A report on an interesting seminar on Od;- : music held at the capital as also a piquant story of the jettisoning of Le Ramayana from the fare of the Festiva: of France in India is what youll find in the News & Notes section.