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Radha Viswanathan and M.S. Anantharaman

  • Issue 403
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6Readers write

10News & Notes     

14Birthday calendar

16M.S. Anantharaman

19Radha Viswanathan 

24DKP 100

26Bala Century

34TributesvGnani V. Sankaran vA. Seshan

                         vPandanallur Jayalakshmi

41State of the art vCarnatic music in Karnataka

45App choice vMusic learning apps

48The remarkable tradition of sangeet-natak
        vKeerti Shiledar

53Perspective vAre tabla gharanas relevant today?

55News & Notes (continued)


60From the wingsvSakthivel Muruganantham

62From the Editor

Front Cover:Radha Viswanathan and M.S. Anantharaman