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Svanubhava 2009: enjoyable learning experience - GAYATRI SUNDARESAN The second edition of Svanubhava began on a subdued note and picked up momentum as the events followed one another. As last year, the events were held at Kalakshetra, the Tamil Nadu Govt. Music College and the Music Academy. An average of 800 students attended every day, apart from around 50 to 100 senior artists and art enthusiasts. With T.M. Krishna and Bombay Jayashri directing them from behind the scenes, a team of youngsters including YACM members and students of the three participating institutions conducted the festival in a well organised manner. Krishna infused zest every time he picked up the mike, his banter creating an instant rapport with the student audience. The first session every morning and immediately after lunch featured group presentations. Much thought and effort had evidently gone into the innovative and well executed sessions.