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C. Saraswati Bai

  • Issue 263
  • Published By Sruti
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A Series For The Younger Generation
Stamp On Narayana Teertha
A Series For The Younger Generation <br/> Stamp On Narayana Teertha

In this series we have been focusing on commemorative postage stamps. In this issue we propose to use another philatelic item, namely, Special Cover.

A Special Cover carries the picture of the subject of issue and a special cancellation is also provided on the cover. No commemorative stamp is issued and, therefore, any postage stamp of appropriate denomination can be used for the cancellation.

Special Cover on Narayana Teertha

The Department of Post issued a Special Cover in honour of Narayana Teertha, a great saint, scholar and litterateur who lived in the 17th century. The cover was issued on 16 July 2005 in Chennai on the occasion of the 330th jayanti of the saint. It carries the traditional picture of Narayana Teertha. In the background is a scene from Krishna Leela.

News & Notes
News & Notes

The Marabu Foundation was launched on the 4th February at Thillaisthanam in Tanjavur with the broad objective of "promoting peace and harmony through traditional arts, literature and education". It was inaugurated by Babaji Raja Bhonsle Chatrapati. The specific purpose of the Foundation is to create an awareness of our rich cultural heritage among people, especially the young, belonging to different sections of society, living in the region once famous as a seat of learning. It has launched the "Purindu Kollvom" series of workshops to enable the participants to understand different facets of Indian literature, music, dance, and Hindu religion. Two coursesone on Tevaram, and the other on Divya Prabandham—commenced on the inaugural day. The Marabu Foundation also conducted a threeday workshop on Subramania Bharati and a week-long workshop on Divyanama Keertana-s of Tyagaraja in May. This was followed by a certificate course in Sivapuranam recitation in mid-July in which a number of children from nearby villages participated.