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C. Saraswati Bai

  • Issue 262
  • Published By Sruti
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Heritage <br/> Tirukadayur

Tirukadayur, the abode of Lord Siva as Amritaghateswara and Goddess Uma as Abhirami is synonymous with longevity, due to the well known legend of Markandeya. It is this belief that brings in devotees by the hundreds. Many believe that the performance of special pooja-s on the occasion of the sixtieth (shashtiabdapoorti), seventieth (bheemarathasanti) and eightieth (satabhishekam) birthdays is certain to bestow good health and a long life (which may be a bit superfluous on the eightieth birthday).

The shrine is in Nagapattinam district and closest to Mayiladuthurai (Mayuram) railway station. It is also easily approached from Sirkazhi.

A Series For The Younger Generation
Stamp On Kanakadasa
A Series For The Younger Generation <br/> Stamp On Kanakadasa

The Department of Posts issued a stamp on Kanakadasa on 26 December 1990. It is in the denomination of loo (Re. 1), perf. 13 x 13, and was printed by photogravure process on unwater-marked PG coated gummed stamp paper by photogravure process at India Security Press. It depicts Kanakadasa (holding the chipla and tambura in his hands) in the foreground, with the Udupi Sree Krishna Temple in the background.

A First Day Cover with the First Day cancellation was also issued on the same date. There is a picture of a mandapam on the First Day Cover, but the leaflet issued by the Dept. of Posts gives no details about it. The First Day cancellation has an ornamental illustration of a chipla.