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Homage To Semmangudi

  • Issue 231
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New Production
Indra Dhanus
New Production <br/> Indra Dhanus

Whenever time permits, we (Shanta and I) make it a point to attend any musical concerts or classical oriented dance programmes, whether traditional or experimental. Having seen the newspaper advertisement of an experimental musical feature called Indra Dhanus (Rainbow) we landed up in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on 23rd October. Having no invitation we were of course prepared to buy tickets. Surprisingly entry was free and naturally the hall was full. Not sure of what was in store for us that evening we sat quietly in the back row. Noticing our presence there some one compulsorily guided us to the front row. Yet we preferred to be a little behind, in case we needed to leave early. Amazingly we were stuck to the seat engrossed for three hours, that was the greatness of that presentation by the young mridanga vidwan D.A. Srinivas, a prime disciple of Madurai T. Srinivasan, popularly known as Cheenakkutty.