Guftagoo with Vaishali Bisht

February 01, 2014

Guftagoo with Vaishali Bisht

Vaishali Bisht  Director and producer of numerous adult and children’s play at various venues in the city such as HICC , ITC Kakatiya , Taj Krishna , Taj Deccan among many others. Amongst Very few from this city to have staged plays in the prestigious – Ranga Shankara , Bangalore . Studied Theater & Drama at University of Kent at Canterbury.

I got the opportunity to meet her and share a bit of her intriguing Journey on the Occasion of one of her Workshop production “The Infamous Five”

Regarding today’s play : How often this workshop happen and how much effort goes into it?

This Particular workshop was done over two weekends and then there was a gap of 14 days where the participants came up with scripts and their own style to do this workshop production (under my guidance !!) . It was a 360 degree approach to theater where they were not limited to quality but were more focused on the “approach” . It was 5 diverse performances -a street play , an original script , 2 adaptations and a devised sketch.

Tell us about the workshops for Children , do they have productions as well?

Workshops for children are something which I do  under the name of Vaishali Bisht Children Theater Workshop from past 13 years . I feel that  nobody asks this young people “What are you thinking today” . We are always so caught up in our own life that with the amount of time in our hand , we just keep on grooming them and dictating them around . This workshops is a media for their expression , and we don’t focus on any productions because it’s unnecessary pressure on this young minds , and as it is they have enough for their age .

What Inspired you to take Theater as Profession, Also after studying in abroad Why come back to India (where the scope is less as compared to abroad)??

Honestly , It’s nothing like that , India has lots of opportunity even in case of Arts . I decided to take this as a profession when I was 9 . My dad always use to say “Do what you Love and you’ll Never have to work”.  I was very shy as a kid , couldn’t talk to strangers without blushing , but the way theater changed me is immense . Today I manage a groups of  people , do my own productions and much more.

Comparing Local theater with International Theater and theater in other cities?

Comparing International theater and Local theater won’t be justified as we are addressing two different kind of cultures , issues and mindsets . Though one thing can be said that the production amount which goes into each play is bit more compared to our local plays. I believe it’s not the cost but how much the purpose of the story is solved , Technology has to be added because we have it and it’ll look good , Naahh!!  That’s not my way .  As far as Hyderabad Theater is concerned with other cities , it has its own ups and downs. It’s growing , it’ll grow…

Your take on Hyderabadi audience and Considering that do you Modulate your Plays as well?

Well I believe I am a product of My society , and If I believe in something and want to showcase it on stage , there must be some people like me who will connect to it . I know one thing , at the end of day I cannot make 100% people 100% happy , so why not make myself happy instead , and while doing that someone else might join the wagon. As far as Audience is considered there is a variety of audience here , among which some doesn’t go beyond comedy and entertainment . Audience can Mature only with  Quality performances.

What do you Have to say for people who leave  in Between the show ? Are they not open to Art?

No , I won’t see it that way . Everyone has their own comfort level and stuff in life they have gone through . So for some it’s already there in day-to-day life and they don’t want to see the actors perform the pain even here. So they are free to leave .

As far as the act is concerned it might have different purpose to be staged , So they are free to perform.

It’s all fine as long as one doesn’t say ,” Just because I am performing you have to watch” or “I cannot stand it , So you cannot perform”..

Her Workshop attracts all kind of people from all kind of places , people don’t mind travelling from Guntur , people looking for excitement in their field of acting finds solace here and many more as such .So this was a short-lived engrossing 1 hr with Vaishali Bisht , a woman who lives her dream on her own terms and Inspires us to do so , Tells us nobody is perfect and still gives a perfect evening to her audience.

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