Fida Husain

Fida Husain

Master Fida Hussain was born in the year 1899. He was an actor, singer, director and scriptwriter. He started his career in Parsi theatre in 1918 and was associated with the stage for fifty years. Born in a conservative Muslim family in Moradabad district, Uttar Pradesh, he was attracted to music and acting from childhood. His family was strictly against his passion. Hence, at the age of 19, he ran away from home and joined the local Royal Dramatic Club. But he left it soon and joined Manikshah Balsara`s New Alfred Theatrical Company in Delhi. Here he began as a singer, and then played female roles. He was taught acting by Radheshyam Kathavachak. In 1930 in Laila and Majnun he played the lead role and later performed many spiritual roles.

Fida Husain lived for three decades beyond the eclipse of the Parsi theatre company. He remained active at the helm of the Moonlight Theatre of Calcutta until his retirement in 1968. In the 1990s he began to conduct seminars in acting, direction, and elocution at the National School of Drama. With his deep voice, artful enunciation, and commanding physical presence, Fida Husain gained immense respect. 

Fida Husain performed in hundreds of plays, first in female roles and then in male ones. His most famous part was that of the devotee Narsi.

In 1948, he took charge of the Moonlight Theatre, Kolkata. He directed, acted and staged more than 300 productions. He also acted in films.

In 1968 Fida Hussain retired to Moradabad and passed away in 1999.