Neela Ramgopal

Neela Ramgopal is an accomplished Carnatic music vocalist and sought-after guru, residing in Bengaluru. Born on 25 May, 1935, she was encouraged to learn and explore aspects of art and culture within an orthodox context. It was only at the age of 23 that she seriously took up the study of music. Her first guru was Sadagopalachari in Kumbakonam. She later underwent advanced training from music critic N.M. Narayanan, a family friend, and the illustrious vocalist T.K. Rangachary.

Neela Ramgopal’s style integrates an intellectual approach to the content along with complex mathematical calculations of tala. A top ranked artiste of All India Radio since 1965, she has been performing at esteemed sabhas and venues across the country. She also performs and teaches abroad.

A number of accolades have come her way, including the best performer award from Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai, the best performer award from Madras Music Academy, the titles ‘Gana Prakeerthi’ from the Nagarkoil Trust, ‘Sangeetha Kala Samragni’ from the Ramakrishna Gaanasabha, ‘Sangeetha Chudamani’ from Rama Seva Mandali, and ‘Karnataka Kalasri’ from the Karnataka state government’s Sangeetha Nrithya Academy.

As a guru Neela Ramgopal is known to inspire, encourage and guide her students with care and affection. She has established an organisation named ‘Neelambari’ for her students. She has also published a book of 50 Tamil compositions in the Kannada script.