Who misses those old marriage songs, raise your ha

Who misses those old marriage songs, raise your ha

The marriage season is back! And, it’s bigger and better this year. Ask us who are still managing to avoid the life long bondage. Sorry, it was a bad joke to start with, but then this season does strange things to you. You know what I mean. I am sure you do. Don’t you take a trip down the memory lane where your neighbourhood marriages used to be the most fun-filled events of the year? Don’t you recall the people carrying those shining light stands? Don’t you reminiscence that set pattern of menu which you the guests were served during late nineties? And, on top of all, don’t you miss those folk songs people used to sing on weddings and other domestic functions?

The last one is what I miss the most. Though the reasons are obvious, but it’s my obligation to give them a philosophical turn. Again a bad joke, I just hope you understood it. You see, this is the catch in trying to be seriously funny. It seems I have interpreted ‘tongue in cheek’ in a wrong way. Another one. My bad. This time you didn’t get it, right? I won, finally.

Oh god, when did I turn into this ruthless, mindnumbingly sarcastic creature? This is all due to the AAP government in Delhi, as the BJP would put it. Am I connecting two triangles without any context? This self doubting tendency is killing I tell you.

So, there used to be songs which were meant for such occasions. There were cassettes available which were sung by really great folk artists, and the women used to copy them in their really untamed voices. Still, everything looked so fascinating and absorbing. Some folks who were better off than others also had the privilege of playing Shehanai by real artists, not through a cassette.

It was all about the environment, that quintessential spunk, the chilled out air with which women discussed each other’s husbands and jewellery. And, not to forget Sharda Sinha singing in the background. If you are going to ask me ‘who is Sharda Sinha?’ then I promise you were born after 1995. Come on guys, you don’t know anything. Enlighten yourself, do Google.

The place from where I originally belong to was a hub of culture whenever it came to marriage. The priests always made it sure that no ritual went wrong and the hymns and enchanting were done in proper Sanskrit. Such commitments from the older generation prompted the youngsters to preserve whatever little they had in hands and folk songs were one of those things which could be controlled through oral transmissions. S*** man, it sound so vulgar. Basically, what I meant was that the songs describing the traditions of marriage were passed on to the next generation orally. The way the Vedas were written, only if you believe in this theory.

Now, there is jazz, 1000 watt lights, DJs and caterers, but is the essence of marriage still the same? I am not trying to demean the current trends, but adding a bit of folk songs will give solace to people like me who were born at the cusp of socialist and liberal economy.