About us

About us

Sruti is India's leading monthly devoted to Indian classical music, dance and theatre. The magazine has the twin objectives of preserving tradition and encouraging innovation, something Sruti has assiduously pursued ever since.

For over three decades, Sruti has constantly practised what it preaches: adherence to high standards of authenticity, objectivity, sophisticated writing based on thorough research, and a healthy respect for individuals and institutions, balanced by an equally healthy irreverence towards holy cows. Sruti is not an academic journal, even though it carries scholarly and technical articles from time to time.

Sruti's several profiles of the leading exponents of music and dance have been pathbreaking in the annals of Indian journalism, as have been its special projects to document the teaching methodology and stylistic characteristics of leading schools of dance and music. It is a veritable treasurehouse of in-depth knowledge of the many centres of excellence which have served to propagate the classical arts of India.

Through interviews short and long, Sruti also gives much needed exposure to young artists as well as senior artists and gurus away from the limelight. Also featured are the many artisans like instrument makers and costumiers, for example, who quietly support the arts and artists from behind the scenes.

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Sruti has received a fresh impetus with the recent recasting of the Sruti Foundation resulting in the trust being headed by N.Sankar, Chairman of The Sanmar Group, and infusion of new professional expertise in the inclusion of V.Vaidyanathan and Sukanya Sankar. The new management has some exciting plans for the expansion of the magazine's reach, enhancing its visual appeal and introduction of new features, besides putting it on a sound financial footing. Some of these ideas are already being put into practice and the magazine has moved to a convenient, well-appointed location, with contemporary facilities in technology and connectivity.

The Sruti Foundation comprises the following:

  • Chairman of the Trust: N Sankar,the Chairman of The Sanmar Group, a US one million dollar multinational conglomerate, present in three continents, in chemicals, engineering and shipping.
  • Other Trustees: V Vaidyanathan and Sukanya Sankar
  • PRINTER and PUBLISHER of SRUTI: P.U Aravind on behalf of The Sruti Foundation.



S. Janaki


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The E Krishna Iyer Medal, instituted in 1989, awarded to an individual or institution that has made a significant contribution to the preservation and promotion of Bharatanatyam traditions. The medal is presented every alternate year.


The Sruti Foundation collaborates with other agencies in year round activities to promote and preserve the performing arts. Examples are the following annual programmes:

  • Lec-Dem Mela, a two-day programme of lecture demonstrations on classical music, (and sometimes dance), in partnership with The Music Forum.
  • Nritya Samrachana, a two-day dance seminar in collaboration with Apsaras Arts, Singapore.
  • Over the years, the Sruti Foundation has conducted or partnered other agencies in conducting conferences, seminars and workshops. Examples:
    • National Seminar on Bharatanatyam Dance Traditions
    • Analysis of the music of violin maestro Lalgudi G Jayaraman
    • Analysis of the music of Carnatic vocal maestro GN Balasubramaniam
    • Bridging the North-South Divide - discussions on Carnatic & Hindustani music
    • Seminar on E. Krishna Iyer's role in the Renaissance of Bharatanatyam
    • Two major events to celebrate the completion of 25 years (2008) and 30 years (2013) of Sruti

Books published

  • Bala on Bharatanatyam

  • Semmangudi - A Mosaic Portrait

  • Thakur Jaideva Singh - A Great Savant

  • Song of Surrender to commemorate the centenary of MS Subbulakshmi