Vidhya Subramanian

Beyond beauty & Grace 

Interview with Anjana Anand

Trained in the Vazhuvoor bani under S.K. Rajarathnam and for abhinaya under Kalanidhi Narayanan, Vidhya Subramanian has developed a style of her own where elegance and deep introspection have permeated her artistic journey. Like many young promising dancers who migrated from India at the height of their dancing careers in the 90’s, Vidhya found herself in an environment very different from the whirlwind of culture in Chennai. It was sheer willpower and passion that kept her engaged with her art form, soaking in new cultures and beginning a long inward journey of discovering her artistic self. Today, Vidhya Subramanian has emerged as a consummate artist who has made a name both in India and internationally. Creating powerful solo works and engaging with the traditional form in a deeper way, Vidhya has moved back to Chennai from the US, convinced that this is where her heart lies. Vidhya Subramanian holds a Master’s degree in Theatre Arts and continues to participate in theatre and film projects. She speaks to Sruti about the irreplaceable role that her father has played in her artistic journey and the joy that this art form has given her. Her newly founded Sparsha Arts Foundation is her way of paying tribute to her father Subramanian and connecting with artists at a deeper level

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