T.N. Seshagopalan

  • Published By: Sruti

Madurai T.N. Seshagopalan is confidence personified; he possesses the quality in abundant measure. He exudes it in every word he utters in conversation just as he does in every syllable he renders in concert. A man of conventional good looks, sharp intelligent eyes that can assume a certain dreaminess on occasion, cherubic countenance, long hair rather unkempt often-times, medium height and an apparent propensity to put on weight, an ease of manner and friendliness, and an active mind which seems to tick all the time. His Tamil betrays his background which is non-metropolitan; it is therefore a chaster brand of the language than most Madrasis can achieve. A ready humour, sometimes mischievous but without malice, a quick sense of repartee and a degree of articulation proclaim straightaway that here is an unusually cerebral young musician, who knows where he is heading and will do everything in his power to make sure he will reach there. He is frank and forthright in his views, keenly aware of his place in the world of Camatic music and intensely concerned about the future, for him as well as for Camatic music. One of his preoccupations at present appears to be with the need to draw young people to South Indian classical music and develop a core of enthusiasts who will support it in the years to come.

Seshagopalan has a well-ordered memory; and it is not difficult to imagine, as he reels off facts and events concerning his life and career that, had he chosen to tread a different path, he would have done so successfully; such is his mental alertness and so strong and swift his ability to sift facts and grasp concepts and ideas. H e is not averse to publicity nor does he shy away from meeting people. Probing queries do not disturb him greatly; on the contrary he seems to welcome every opportunity of discussing not only his own music but as well weighty matters connected with his profession.