Celebrating the Trinity in Tiruvarur

Chaturnam Purusharthanam Tyagam Yasmat Karotyataha Tyagaraja iti Khyatam Somaskandam Bhajamyaham”. Thus adored is the divine form of Lord Tyagesa, as an embodiment of sacrifice and worshipped as Somaaskandamurti (Sa = Uma + Skanda) as enshrined at the Mooladhara kshetra Kamalapura, well-known as Tiruvarur and Aarur. It is the seat of all south Indian artisitic traditions; it is indeed a rare occurrence that all the three of our music trinity – Tyagaraja, Muthuswami Dikshitar and Syama Sastry – were born in this holy town, though they moved away after a while or came back to sing there, remaining ‘Kamala-Tyaga Bhaktas’.