Teaching Of Indian Dance Abroad

  • Issue 92
  • Published By Sruti
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Main Feature
Main Feature

The two main features both focus on foreign scenes. One offers a profile of Kola Bharati, a foundation promoting Bharatanatyam and Indian culture in general in Montreal, Canada (23-30). The other offers an interesting account of the inroads being made by Carnatic music in Germany (31-35). An article by Hans Neuhoff, a German student of Indian music, on the performance of Mani Krishnaswami and his party was sent to Sruti for exclusive publication and we decided it would fit into the feature. We learnt, too late for us to act on the information, that it had been given to a newspaper as well. This is just for your information. The special features are complemented by an article— the first of a series— which provides an historical perspective of Music in China (37-38). Then the issue brings you back home to focus on the career and achievements of the late Chikka Rama Rao, a vocalist who brought glory to his native Mysore State (39-40).