Gana - Tapasvini Mogubai Kurdikar

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Main Feature
Gana-Tapasvini Mogubai Kurdikar
Main Feature <br/> Gana-Tapasvini Mogubai Kurdikar

The gayaki of the Jaipur-Atrauli gharana occupies a distinguished place in the annals of Hindustani music. Its distinctive features are the use of rare raga-s, or raga-s rarely rendered, and complex taan patterns. One of the foremost female exponents of this gayaki was Mogubai Kurdikar. She shared this honour with Kesarbai Kerkar. Her daughter Kishori Amonkar is another jewel in the Jaipur-Atrauli diadem.

Born on 15 July 1904 in Kurdi, an obscure Goan village, Mogubai who came to be recognised as a Gana-Tapasvini, died on 10 February this year in Mumbai.