E. Krishna Iyer

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Main Feature
Main Feature

Main Feature - E.Krishna Iyer

In his school days, Krishnan studied English, history and geography and showed an aptitude for writing in Tamil. He seems to have learnt Sanskrit as well. These stood him well at college and in his later life. Notably, he devoted virtually all his spare time to social service activities. This was a sign that he was not preoccupied with selfish interests and that he saw himself as a member of a larger community to which he owed at least a part of his time and efforts. Krishnan also became closely acquainted with music and dance at this time. Kallidaikurichi was known as the Brahmin Chettinad because it was home to a considerable number of rich families which owned vast tracts of land or were engaged in handloom cloth trade and moneylending business. Marriage functions conducted by the rich families were grand affairs and none of them was complete without a number of classy music and dance performances. Great Carnatic vocalists, violinists and percussionists, as also nagaswara melam-s, used to give performances during the marriage season, as well as at other times. Sadir kutcheris by R. Muthuratnambal, who belonged to a family of renowned dancers, were frequent. Harikatha performances also found a place in the scheme of things, with Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavatar as the storyteller heard most often.