Swati Tirunal Painting By S. Rajam

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Special Feature
Special Feature

Harikesanallur: A Distressing Visit

The tiny village became prominent, thanks to Muthiah Bhagavatar. He was born in Punalveli near Rajapalayam, and lived only for a short period in Harikesanallur (wrongly pronounced by some as Harikesavanallur), which is located about a kilometre east of Veeravanallur which lies on the Tirunelveli- Ambasamudram main road. Muthiah Bhagavatar, even while young, migrated to Tiruvaiyaru, on the banks of the Kaveri, to study Sanskrit and also music. When he became a musician and later a Harikatha exponent as well, he lived for some time in Madurai, running a music academy called Meenakshi Music School, at 32 West Masi Street. (The signboard in English is still in the possession of a Tamil scholar in Madurai). His sojourns in Tiruvanantapuram and Mysore are part of history.