Madurai N. Krishnan & His Madura Margam - Profile

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Special Issue - Feature
Special Issue - Feature

Madurai N. Krishnan & His Madura Margam - Profile Krishnan born in 1928 in Madurai, evinced interest in music even as a young boy. Given the music-filled ambience in which he grew up, this should not be surprising but human genes are also subject to the rules of the roulette and quite conceivably he might have had a different inclination and developed a different set of priorities In fact, Krishnan was more inclined to follow a spiritual path he studied music, giving up regular education after four years in primary school, only because his father insisted he should do so. At first he learnt music by listening to the instruction his father gave his elder brother Srinivasan. His father Narayana Iyengar, a great scholar in Sanskrit and Tamil, was also an outstanding exponent of Harikatha, an art-form which requires its practitioners to have competence in music as well. One of his cousins on his paternal side was Long before Krishnan or any of his two brothers and four sisters was born, Swayamprakasa Swamigal told his own son Narayana Iyengar that he and his wife Padmasini would beget many children and that one of them would shine brightly as a musician and as a spiritually evolved person using the occult sciences to help others.