Bharati Sivaji

Bharati Shivaji a leading Mohiniattam artist. Her initial training was under Smt. Radha Marar, Kalamadalam Satyabhama and Kalamandalam KalyaniKutty amma and this interaction lead her to spend many years researching literary, sculptural and musical sources of this dance form. Her book, the art of mohiniattam is a culmination of her experience of delving into the arts of Kerala.

Born in 1948, in kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, Bharati has also trained in Bharatanatyam by lalitha Shastri and has performed both in India and abroad. Her Mohintatam repertoire has been marked for its fluidity and grace and she is known for her innovations which have helped draw audiences to appreciate this art form.

Her dance school, center for Mohiniattam, is devoted to the training and propagation of this art form. She has authored The Art of Mohiniattam and produced a film on dance.

She was awarded the Sangeet Natak academy award in 2000, Padmasri for her contribution to Mohiniattam, Nritya Choodamani in 1994.