PJ Antony

P. J. Antony was a successful Malayalam author, actor, and producer. He also received the National Film Award for Best Actor for his performance in Nirmalyam in 1974. Inspired by the desire to build and popularize a strong theatre in Kerala, Antony tried to use it to bring about radical social change. He organized the Pratibha Arts Club, which spearheaded a reformist theatre movement in and around his hometown, Ernakulam. One of the important films he acted in was N. Krishna Pillai`s Bhagna-bhavanam (1942), . inspired by Henrik Ibsen`s A Doll`s House. His play Chakravalam succeeded in spreading theatre awareness among the people of his area.

Though influenced by the activist naturalism of the Indian People`s Theatre Association, Antony resorted to melodrama to enhance the commercial appeal of his plays. His plays had structural unity and other characteristics in common with amateur Malayalam theatre.

Antony was the lyricist and screenwriter for a few films. P. J. Antony also directed a film titled Periyar.