Bahauddin Mohiuddin Dagar

Bahauddin Mohiuddin Dagar

Bahauddin Mohiuddin Dagar is a 20th generation representative of the Dagar lineage of the 16th century, synonymous with the vibrant Beenkar tradition of the Dagarbani style, specifically the Rudraveena. Bahauddin Dagar traces his own family genealogy to the 18th century singer Baba Gopal Das who took the name of Baba Imam Baksh while converting to Islam; Bahauddin belongs to the eighth generation of beenkars of the tradition.

Born in 1970, Bahauddin Dagar is the son of Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, an accomplished Rudraveena player coming from a line of renowned musicians who were at the forefront of preserving and reviving the centuries old rich tradition of the dhrupad style. Grandfather Ziauddin Dagar was a vocalist in the Udaipur court in addition to being an expert beenkar. Steeped in this rich tapestry of music Zia Mohiuddin Dagar learnt vocals and the Rudraveena from his father, in turn passing on the talent and tradition to his son.

Unfortunately, Bahauddin lost the guidance and tutelage of his father when he was in his early teens and came under the wing of his paternal uncle, Zia Fariduddin Dagar who trained him in the art of dhrupad singing. Training on the rudraveena is a complex affair. The early training years of most players is spent in acquiring sufficient skills on the sitar and surbahar before moving on to the rudraveena. Thus, Bahauddin became an all-round musician, equally adept at vocal music, sitar and surbahar and the rudraveena.

His first public concert at the age of 20 revealed his versatility in voice, adding his personal dimension to the depth of a raga, largely because of intense training under his uncle in the dhrupad style. This has also helped him intersperse the dhrupad syllables in the playing of the rudraveena. His strong belief that teaching is integral to his personal growth as a musician is behind his involvement with the Dhrupad Gurukul established by his father in Panvel, Maharashtra. He is well aware of his responsibility in preserving the rich dhrupad tradition and taking it forward to future generations; at the Gurukul he teaches both vocal and instrumental music to students from varied backgrounds while he himself continues to train under Pandit Pushparaj Koshti, a senior disciple of his illustrious father and uncle. His efforts in this area have won him fellowships and scholarships to aid the continuity and development of classical music.

Bahauddin Dagar has performed all over India at various sangeet sammelans and samarohs and in Europe and the USA. An “A” grade artist with All India Radio, he has received many musical awards in India.

Sangeet Natak Akademi awardee for 2012-13, Bahauddin Dagar is committed in his quest for immortality with classical music.