Anant Manohar Joshi

Anant Manohar Joshi

Pandit Anant Manohar Joshi, fondly called Antubuwa, was born in the small village of Kinhai near Aundh in Maharashtra, in 1881. As was the practice those days, Antubuwa’s father, Pandit Manoharbuwa was his first guru. He was a gifted singer with a sweet, mesmerising voice, and Manoharbuwa could see early signs of his son following him into the musical fold. 

When Antubuwa was only seven, his father passed away and the onus of continuing the training fell on his mother. Fortunately, for Antubuwa, his mother approached the eminent and accomplished musician, Balkrishna Ichalkaranjikar of the Gwalior gharana. For the next eight to nine years, Antubuwa trained rigorously under him. By a sheer stroke of luck, at the age of 17 he had the rare opportunity to travel and accompany on the tanpura the great Ustad Rehamat Khan Saheb who belonged to the generation of the founders of the Gwalior gharana. In due course of travel, the troupe moved to Mumbai and started a school of music where Antubuwa not only taught but wrote and published several books for beginners of music. By this time, Antubuwa’s repertoire was enriched by the experience and he became a renowned exponent of the Gwalior gharana.

Soon, personal circumstances dictated that he move back to Aundh. Here, his services were welcomed by Prince Balasaheb Pantapradhnidhi of the royal court of Aundh, a cultured gentleman whose support of the performing arts enhanced the professional lives of many musicians. 

Although he became a renowned musician of the Gwalior gharana, Antubuwa was also a practitioner of the Agra and Jaipur gharanas. He continued giving performances although in later years, the duration became shorter and shorter; his voice had lost its flexibility and sweetness and his intonations were becoming hoarse.

Anant Manohar Joshi, aka Antubuwa, died on September 12, 1967 at his son Gajanan’s home in Dombivili, Mumbai.