Dhivya Shiva Sundar

Hailing from a family of artist's Divya Shiva. Sundar took to dancing at a very young ae. She was fortunate to be under the guidnce and tultelage of her gurus. The Dhananjayans. She has undergone rigorous trainin under her gurus who have moulded and helped he to achieve a command over the nuances of dance Elegant and attractive, Diya combines grace and artistry in he dancing which has won the appreciaton of the connoisseurs of this art form.

Divya is the recipient of a scholaship from the Government of India. She has performed extensively with ther gurus all over India and abroad, like "The Mahabhaaratam" in the U.s., "Aikya Bharaatam" in the Middle East, "Chakra" event of the year in U.s., "Soorya Festival" in Europe. She was even selected to attend a Workshop n London for the Shobana Jayasingh Dance Company. She has participated ad played lead oles in all he major productionns of her gurus. Possesed with natural grace and poise, Divya has been impressive at various sabha's international seminas and interschool and college competition's with several successes to her credit. she is all a "B" grade atiste of Chennai Doordarshan. She is the Recipient of "YUVA KALA BHARATI", from Bharat Kalachar.

Divya is one of the Senior disciples of the Dhananjayans and a dedicated and sincere teacher and is at present a staf member at her dance School Bharata Kalanjali. A Professional Bharatanatyam artiste, she as applied herself with devotion and vigor to mastering the technique of this art form.