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T. Balasaraswati
Issue : EBook13
Published on : February, 2013


This is a day in 1961. In Udupi (Kamataka), the sky is a pale blue, hanging over the shrine of the darkling god below like a canopy reflecting the radiance of his personality. Within the temple, it is a little dark in the sanctum sanctorum but, in the mellow light of oil lamps, the figure of Krishna manifests itself captivatingly in the form of covetous Mohini with a smile that tugs at the heart of the worshipper. The air is heavy with the fragrance of sandal paste, tula si leaves and burning incense, and the worshipper breathes it and feels the fragrant presence of the Lord within. The chanting accents the enchanted feeling and like the murmurs of Mesmer transports the men and women thronging the House of the Lord to a momentary heaven.

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