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Ninth Anniversary Issue - Ramanathapuram Sankarasivam, Sharadcha
Issue : 97
Published on : October, 1992


Two Stalwarts Of Indian Music - Ramanathapuram Sankarasivam, Sharadchandra Arolkar; North South Musical Divide - Difference Between The Systems

Main Feature

The cover feature focusses on Two Stalwarts Of Indian Music, namely Ramanathapuram Sankarasiva Bhagavatar and Pandit Sharadchandra Arolkar, highly respected figures both (25-30). Additional articles on The North-South Musical Divide in Indian art music constitute the other special feature (31-36). The article on The Beijing Opera (37-39) completes the three-part series on the music of China which we started earlier this year

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Special Feature

For dance enthusiasts, we offer- besides a report on a Mysore confest which includes the gist of valuable advice from veteran observers- two articles which should be treated as most valuable advisories. I refer to the articles captioned Dance a? The Media (41-42) and Why Dancers Fail In Abhinaya (42-43). I invite the attention of dance enthusiasts to two other articles: a comment on the challenge a dancer faces when she decides to present a performance based on the songs of a single composer (14), and the obituary article on Kamadev (23-24).

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