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Issue : 214
Published on : July, 2002



3 Sruti Box

7 News & Notes

17 A New Series For Youngsters

26 Opinion Column

27 From A Sruti Staffer's Note Book

29 Follow-Up

33 Presswatch

36 Editor's Note

Front Cover: Annamacharya
Painting by S. Rajam

News & Notes
World Dance Day Celebrations

Dance aficionados of Bangalore and even some not so inclined towards dance will likely consider 28 April as a day to cherish. That'was the day on which they became part of the celebration of World Dance Day at the Chitrakala Parishat in Bangalore.

Most of them wanted to spend time enjoying the various activities, relaxing on the sprawling lawns, savouring some good food and health drinks, watching a movie in the evening and being there for the interesting evening performances too. It was a carnival all right.

The organisers of the event, tandem dancers Nirupama and Rajendra of the Abhinava Arts Center and sponsors Aparajitha Entel Power, had found the inspiration for the all-day affair in the suggestion made by the International Dance Council (CID) of UNESCO that the importance of dance to society be conveyed through a daylong celebration tied to World Dance Day.

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A Series For Youngsters


Amma's piercing shout stopped Sargam in her tracks.

"Remove your slippers! These are holy hills. You should not step on them with your footwear."

"Calm down, Amma, calm down," Sargam responded. "I shall remove them. Gosh, why did you have to shout so loudly!"

Amma gave her a grim look yet. Amma and Appa had vowed to climb the Tirupati hills and Sargam had volunteered to join them. After all, she did not want to miss out on the fun of participating in a 'trek'!

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Opinion Column
In Defense Of Tradition

It is indeed very gratifying to find V.P. Dhananjayan ably defending Bharatanatyam's traditional values (Sruti 208) in support of N. Pattabhi Raman's heroic defence of Indian classical dance tradition at various conferences. I also admire Leela Venkataraman for her analytical account of the Mumbai event (Sruti 200). Regrettably, however, some of those attending seminars and conferences try to become promoters of cross-cultural and countercultural movements and, in this context, wax eloquent on new directions without any sense of history and understanding of the aesthetic identity of Indian dance. Since the East and the West are coming ever closer to each other and the world is evolving into a global village, it is absurd to imagine that anyone can overnight give shape to a hybrid art-form of any enduring value. There is no aesthetic alchemy enabling an artistic genre (say Bharatanatyam) to blend with another (say, German Ballet) simply because both are dance-forms. Each genre takes its origin, grows and develops in its own native soil and sociocultural environment or ethos and, even after many centuries of cross-cultural contacts, retains its distinct identity. We should respect the unique characteristics of each art-form.

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The pickings of gaffes have become leaner, which is really a matter for gratification. Even the spate of reviews during the season did not provide much grist to your columnist's mill. We have indications that this column has had something to do with this.

What is disquieting, however, is that the same reviewers tend to repeat the same mistakes. A small mercy: one sees much less of 'Entaro' mahanubhavulu now.

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