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Lalgudi G. Jayaraman
Issue : EBook14
Published on : May, 2013


Lalgudi G. Jayaraman’s journey through the world of Carnatic music began in 1942, the year of his first public performance. Since then his passage has been that of a “bearded meteor trailing light”. In a series of conversations 25 years ago, Jayaraman told Gowri Ramnarayan, then Assistant Editor, Sruti, that any self portrait of his on a new canvas would have to be ‘pentimento’ – revealing traces and outlines of other images and figures, of scenes from the past, of the forceful currents moulding his personality and shaping his destiny. He compared such reminiscence to a perusal of an old picture album, flipping through shifting phases of technique and creativity. “In retrospect I fully realise to what extent my originality and quest for perfection have given violin playing a new orientation and increased the instrument’s scope. I see clearly the extent of my growth, the changes affecting it, and the dynamic development of a new methodology.”

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