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Flute T.R. Mahalingam
Issue : EBook2
Published on : November, 2010


Number of Pages - 112. Mali had a periodic ‘visitor’: an excruciating headache. It was more mental than physical. Once, it appears, in his teens, he saw a dazzling flash of light that drove him to panic. From then on he was beset by a recurring headache which defied treatment. It came irregularly, with no set pattern, unheralded and most unwelcome. Under its spell he used to sit (or lie down), eyes glazed, his long slender fingers stroking his forelocks, his mouth grimacing frequently, waiting for the pitiless spell to pass. No groan, no moan. Poor Mali used to suffer it out silently. At such devastating moments Mali dreaded company. Except a fortunate few among whom I was one. It was a compliment. If any visitor chanced to call then he would be politely asked to come ‘tomorrow’.

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