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Dark Horse & other plays
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Published on : September, 2017


DARK HORSE & Other Plays, a collection of six plays by Gowri Ramnarayan--with introductions to each play by Shanta Gokhale, Ananda Lal, Mahesh Elkunchwar, Thiruppur Krishnan, and Seetha Ravi--published for the first time ever.


A review of Gowri Ramnarayan’s anthology, Dark Horse & Other Plays, by theatre historian and critic, Shanta Gokhale:

“As you read When Things Fall Apart you realize it is not merely a well-written play. It is a fully realized piece of writing for the theatre. Ramnarayan is that rare thing, a writer-director who combines the two parts of herself so seamlessly that you are not sure whether her visualization of a play comes before the writing or whether they happen simultaneously. Perhaps the act of writing is itself an act of visualization. She writes what she sees. And hears."




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