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Special concert 'Recherche Thumri' on the occasion of the third anniversary of Dr. Ashok Da Ranade Archives, Pune
Special concert

Recherché Thumri

Maharashtra Cultural Centre has organized a special concert on the occasion of third anniversary of ‘Dr. Ashok Da. Ranade Archives’, a research centre for performing arts and cultures. ‘Recherché Thumri’ is a special kind of performance constructed with use of rare archival material. In this performance, Dr. Pournima Dhumale, basically an Agra Gharana exponent is going to render rare, unrecorded Thumri compositions of 19th century composers such as Shokh Rang, Anokhe Piya, Nizami, Nazir from Lucknow and Gwalior tradition. Dr. Dhumale has specially picked up uncommon genre of Bandhi Thumri, usually rendered for Kathak dance, also Bhajan-Ang Thumri, Kajri, etc. for this special presentation. Aradhana Hegde and Prachi Kulkarni will join Dr. Dhumale for the rendition of some pieces, while Arun Gawai (Tabla) and Dr. Chaitanya Kunte (Harmonium) will provide instrumental accompaniment. ‘Recherché Thumri’ will be presented on Saturday, 28th October 2017 at Jyotsna Bhole Sabhagruha, Hirabaug at 6 pm. This program is open to all connoisseurs.

Date : 28-10-2017
Timings : 6 pm
Venue : Jyotsna Bhole Sabhagruha, Hirabaug, Pune
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