Narayana Theertha
Sri Narayana Teertha was a Carnatic Music composer; he was one of the Bhagavatha Pancharatnas. ..., Read more


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Sangita Kalanidhi for violinist A. Kanyakumari
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Narayana Theertha

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Sri Narayana Teertha was a Carnatic Music composer; he was one of the Bhagavatha Pancharatnas.

Born as Govinda Sastrulu at Kaja near Krishna district, he eventually moved to Tanjavur the cradle of Carnatic Music.

Religion and art are beautifully come together in the following works - Prahlada Bhakti Vijayam of Tyagaraja, Nandanar Charitram of Gopalakrishna Bharati, Rama Natakam of Arunachala Kavirayar and the opera - Krishna Leela Tarangini of Narayana Theertha.

Composed of twelve cantos, the opera begins with the birth of Krishna and ends with his marriage to Rukmini. The language in the verses is sweet and pregnant with lovely metaphors. Various literary forms like songs, Slokas, couplets (dwipadi), prose passages are used in this work. They form an integral part of Bhajana Sampradayam and are also sung in the concerts. The structure in the songs and the expressive lyrics make them suitable for dance and abhinaya too. This work is a testament to his scholarship in music,command over Sanskrit language and devotion to Krishna. Taking care to avoid complex passages, he has kept intact the flavor of devotion  laid over strong foundations of grammar, rhyme, metres – chandas, music.

Lore, has it that he composed this work as an offering to the Lord, who cured him of an ailment - directing him to follow a boar  to Bhupatirajapuram, which later came to be known as Varahur.

He wrote 15 books and composed two other operas, Parijatha Apaharanam and Haribhakthi Sundarnavam. Some of them are available in Benares Hindu University and at the Saraswathi Mahal in Tanjore. A few of his titles of other works are listed here-

Subhodinee – treatise (in Sanskrit) on Brahma Sutra Sankara BhAshyam;

VivaraNa Deepika (in Telugu), a treatise on PancheekaraNa vartika of SureswarAchArya;

ParijAtApaharaNam, the well known Yakshaganam in Telugu

Hari Bhakti SudhArNavam, and

ChaAndilya Bhakti Sutra vyAkyAnam

Sri Narayana Tirtha attained Mukti in the year 1745.

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